Revenue Reserve – a CRE Documentary Film

How the nation’s leading CRE investors protect & enhance wealth when things go wrong. Director, Cinematographer, Post Production. (10/2014)


Oscar Cruz Racing Success Story

What it really takes to live your dream. Director/Camera/Edit (6/2014)


FootLog TV Commercial

Created this TV Commercial for the “FootLog” (10/2014)

A Matter of Trust

The experience of those who work with Lodmell & Lodmell: the law firm that does more international asset protection trusts than any other on earth. Director/Camera/Edit (5/2014)


Testimonial for Goralka Law

Client testimonial for the Goralka Law Firm. Director/Camera/Edit (8/2014)


Goralka Law Customer Success Story

Lighthouse Living Services, Inc., has relied on the Goralka Law Firm for the past 14 yrs. Director/Camera/Edit (4/2014)


Documentary: “One Perfect Pull-up”

Teaser scene (shot 8/2013) for documentary set to go into production in fall 2014. Director/Camera/Edit


Documentary: “Truth about Pandemic Flu”

5 Minute version of the 30 minute program with CDC, FDA, Thommy Thompson, etc. Filmed when H1N1 broke in spring of 2009. Created start-to-finish in 6 weeks. Director.