Sample Work

Revenue Reserve – a CRE Documentary Film

How the nation’s leading CRE investors invest, protect & enhance wealth. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (10/2014) Film’s site at

PE 50 Years Ago! #JFKChallenge

This was PE 50 years ago…compare with today! A documentary film in production about America’s top PE program. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (Current Project)

#JFKChallenge – Live on Fox & Friends in NYC

Our documentary (in production) was profiled on the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends. New York City, June 30, 2015.

Truly Independent: The Success Story of Dr. Robert Barton

Client: ChiroTrust. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (4/2015)

The Impossible Success Story of Dr. Ray Marquez

How Dr. Ray Marquez was able to climb out of bankruptcy to enjoy independent financial success. Client: ChiroTrust. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (4/2015)

MOJO: Ancient Motion Patterns

Ron Jones demonstrates ancient motion patterns using the Persian meel, Indian club, sandbag, stick, and kettlebell. Director, Cinematography, Post Production. (2/2015)

Infomercial: The Footlog

Created this infomercial running nationally on TV currently for “the FootLog”. Director, Camera, Edit. (1/2015)

Success Story: Oscar Cruz Racing

Corporate Film. Racing. What it really takes to live your dream. Director/Camera/Edit (6/2014)

Corporate Testimonial Film: Lodmell & Lodemell

This asset protection law firm does the most international asset protection trusts in the world. Director/Camera/Edit (3/2014)

Documentary: “Truth about Pandemic Flu”

5 Minute version of the 30 minute program with CDC, FDA, Thommy Thompson, etc. Filmed when H1N1 broke in spring of 2009. Created start-to-finish in 6 weeks. Director.